Air & Style Beijing 2013

5-7 December 13

Male Big Air Competition

Air & Style Beijing 2013 takes place in the Birds Nest, Beijing National Stadium.

This years event has a prize purse of $100.000, more information can be found on the website


The format for the event is as follows:

Round 1:

Round 1 stays true to the famous Air & Style head-to-head format. Each of the 24 riders in Round 1 get 2 runs and the maximum score for each run is 100 points. The rider with the highest single run score advances, so 12 of these riders will win a spot in Round 2 based on their head-to-head battle win.  An additional 4 spots in Round 2 are open to the highest scoring losing riders from the head-tohead battles in Round 1. We call these 4 riders, the "Lucky Losers."

Round 2:

The 12 battle winners from Round 1, and the 4 lucky losers make up a field of 16 riders that pair off and battle head-to-head for the 8 spots available in the Semi Final round. Each rider gets 3 runs, and only their best scoring run counts.

Semi Final Round:

8 Riders head-to-head in this round narrows the field to the 4 riders who will battle it out in the Super Final.

Super Final:

Each of the 4 riders in the Super Final get 3 runs to put up the highest one run score they can, and these scores determine the riders final rankings, and of course the winner of the Air & Style Ring of Glory!