The Mile High by Carlton Dry

26-28 August 13, Perisher, Australia

the mile high by carlton dry comes to Perisher pfr this 4 Star Slopestyle event.

Registration has begun for The Mile High in both snowboard and freeski. Cut off date for registration is AUGUST 1st.

The registration system is the same used by most major events on the World Snowboard Tour, hosted by EIM Solutions. Please get onto this quickly as the spaces will go fast.

The registration system is run by the World Snowboard Tour and therefore special conditions can not be aranged at the last minute if riders foget to register. Freeski spaces are more lmited in 2013 due to a reduced field size in its first year so get in quickly to ensure a place.



Invited rider protocol is in place for the 10 invite spaces (World Snowboard Tour definitions below)

Qualified rider protocol is in place for the 40 Open spaces. (World Snowboard Tour definitions below)


The invited rider protocol guarantees the World Snowboard Tour Top 10 Men and Top 5
Women in the respective disciplines direct seeding into World Snowboard Tour 5Star and
6Star events. The World Snowboarding Points List, as of 3 months before the event start
date, determines which riders are eligible for direct seeding. World Snowboard Tour 5Star and
6Star events must grant entry to eligible riders 4 weeks before the event. If the rider does not
confirm his attendance within the 4 weeks before the event, the organizer can re-allocate
these places as Wild Card entries. The World Snowboard Tour recommends that event
organizers allocate these spots to the next rider in line on the World Snowboarding Points
Lists and only use a maximum of 20% as Wild Cards for riders who are not the next in line or
listed on the Points Lists.
The qualified rider protocol provides priority access to the World Snowboard Tour Top 250
Men and Top 125 Women on the respective points list at all 4Star, 5Star and 6Star events
that feature open qualifications. Available qualified entry places at events are limited by the
total spots and are assigned based on a rider´s position on the points list at the cut-off date.
To determine the eligible riders, organizers will use the most recent points list available when
registration closes for an individual event. Riders who missed the registration deadline can´t
request entry under this rule, it is up to the rider to register on time.
Example: Event A has an open slopestyle qualification with 80 spots available on the start list.
The registration deadline is November 30th, 2013. The event will use the World Slopestyle
Points List as of Thursday, November 24th to determine the qualified riders.
Scenario 1: 120 riders out of the Top 250 have registered by the deadline. The top 80 riders
out of the 120 registered riders are selected for the event. The rest of the riders
go onto a waiting list and are contacted in order of position if a rider cancels their

Scenario 2: 60 riders out of the Top 250 and another 40 with either no rank or a position
lower than 250 have registered by the deadline. The 60 riders ranked within the
top250 and the next 20 highest positions are selected for the event.

Perisher, Australia