the mile high by carlton dry 2012

26-29 August 12, Thredbo Alpine Village, Australia

50 Riders will be competing for $20,000 in this 4* TTR Event.

The Mile High by Carlton Dry is an event, which was first run in 2004 in Thredbo, NSW but was not continued as all of the event company’s effort went towards running and developing Stylewars. 2012 is the first year The Mile High will be run as a major international slopestyle event as a 4Star World Snowboard Tour stop. It will be run with Open registration but the format will be very similar to Stylewars with jam format sessions for both qualifying and finals. The qualifying session will include all riders (mens and womens mixed together) and the group will then be narrowed down for the second session. If the weather allows, 3 rounds will be held before the finals of 3 runs with the top 10 men and 10 women.


A 30 min Carlton Dry best trick session will go down daily on the main features with specific prize money going to the winners!

Thredbo Alpine Village, Australia