Ski Dubai resort review

Snowboard Guide rating 6 out of 10 “Good, if a little surreal indoor real snow slope.”



Its huge for an indoor slope



Decent hits with no one using them



Good for an indoor slope

Mountain stats

Top lift:
Vertical drop:60m
Bottom lift:

LiftsLift count : 1 x Chairlifts   1 x Drag-lifts   2 Magic carpets

Ride area 22,500 Sq M

Total Pistes:5
Longest Piste:400m

The whole of Dubai seems to be a building site but at the beginning of 2006 the Mall of Emirates opened an indoor ski centre. The centre is impressive with a quad running through the centre with a café half way. The centre is split in two with the lower part being a snow park with igloos, twin tracked bobsled ride and play area. The snow park is where the majority of the local population visit leaving the main slope nice and quite.

Ski DubaiThe snow on the main slope is nice with the right amount as in there’s no moguls forming or snow flex showing. The slope is shaped in a dog leg with the right hand side as you look down is the steepest gradient, it makes you eyes water when you take this route. The price for a few hours is reasonable with everything included (even a pair of disposable socks). Only thing you need is a pair of gloves which you can buy from the centres store.

Ski Dubai localsThe centre also has a number of deals; one for example is spend approx £ 6 in the Avalanche café and get an extra 30min on the slope. The standard you are required to be at when you visit is the same as in all indoor slopes, ie, you must be able to link turns. This is the part that lets the centre down, I would say over half the users are not in control at all and no one is enforcing the rules. This isn’t too bad if the place is quite but if you take your children it’s another matter.

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