Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Nordpark


NordparkFor most of the young local boarders the upper chairlift is the only lift they’ll use all day as that’s where the parks located. The Skyline park has a huge superpipe, a massive quaterpipe and two pretty big kickers and is usually impeccably maintained. The German Olympic team held their training camp for 3 weeks in the Nordpark Superpipe in preparation for the 2006 Olympics. Every other Friday they hold a Nightline session from 1800-2200 which is always a big spectacle.

Beware though as the place can feel like it’s a local resort for local people, with some very strict rules and etiquette, for riding, queuing for the lift, and talking to people. But the standard of riding here is usually much higher than you’ll find at other resorts.

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