Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Wildschonau Valley


Auffach is the larger of the four resorts with around 20km of marked piste set out on the Schatzberg mountain slopes.  Auffach offers the highest altitude riding in the area with a nice series of red runs set out over a wide open plateau. This is also the home to the areas main halfpipe and fun park, which are located up on the upper regions. One point to note  about Auffach is that 99% of the lifts are drag lifts, so be warned novices.

Niederau is the second largest with just 14km of piste and is the first resort you come to along the valley floor. The slopes have one black run and some okay reds and all in all this place can be ridden with ease in day.

Oberau is basically a place for total beginners with only 10km of piste and just 8 runs. There is simply nothing here for intermediates of advanced riders to really try out.

Thierbach is much the same as Oberau, and really only of interest to first time skiing grannies and grand dads. Even novices may even have this place licked after a few hours.

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