Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Isola 2000


Freeriders scoping the land will touch the piste only to hop between tree runs, or to get back on the lift. Isola has ample tree coverage over the mid to lower areas. Natural gullies can be hit near Melezes, plus look out for the drop offs in the trees as you're going up the chair lift - they're all over the place.

Turn to the north-facing slope above Grand Tour when conditions are good, as it is well worth hiking the ridge for freshies. Do watch your run out though, as you come to a severe drop-off onto a flat piste below.


Freestylers Isola 2000 is home to the Back to Back Snowboard Club, with a dedicated and maintained snowboard park. They don't have a residential Pipe Dragon yet, but with the experienced locals, you can be sure of a park with table-tops, spined tombstones and gaps. The locals are good to watch and know how to take a good line.


 The whole area was planned to make runs long, well groomed and easy to return to base, with good cruising and smooth pistes on both sides of the mountain. You can pick up some good speed and lay over your turns.


Beginners have a massive designated area near the base lift station. This keeps them out of trouble on a good area for progression, before they take on the higher grade runs, which means quick learners soon get a chance to ride the whole resort.

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