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La Norma

Thu 14 October 2004 by ads2

Although La Norma is a small resort the off-piste here can be amzing if youre really into riding through the trees and it can even offer some limited alpine riding with areas over 3000m. You really need to be a little daring and just pull off into the trees, most areas where you can pull off will take you back to the resort of very close walking distance. The mountain is riddled with awesome walking summer trails which can send you winding through the trees at break-kneck speed throwing in lots of sharp turns and even a few fallen logs to jump or boardslide on. All this without seeing another soul. Once at the top lifts a short walk can get you over the backside of the mountain and riding freshies around to the front and finally through the forest back to the resort. Otherwise theres a nice couloir at the top and a little hike can get you to some very steep couloirs. Alternatively theres a huge valley offering towring off-pise paradise but loooong hikes. Nightlife - Nothing too exciting although one of the Universities in Paris favour La Norma for their ski trip and send alot of lovely young french hairy lassoo down to entertain the otherwise average bars. Lets not get too excited La Norma doesn't rival the best of them but can surely offer a good few days of untracked powder.