Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Roccaraso


Freeriders will find a range of terrain to cover. Pistes are varied but will suffice more for those in the beginner or intermediate category than for advanced riders. There's little in the way of natural hits or off-piste powder fields, but the low altitude means there are plenty of trees around (ie. Monte Pratello). Many of these are tightly-packed though, and as such, inaccessible to many.


Freestylers are blessed with two parks (off lifts 1 and 22) if there is enough snow out of which to build them, or if the pisteurs can be arsed (whichever comes sooner). Otherwise, take your shovel and build yourself a kicker or two.


Speed heads will revel in the knowledge that the pistes are kept well groomed and that there's not a mogul in sight. There are a few steep runs available and many of these are pretty wide.


Beginners will find this a great place to get started. Plenty of easy runs on the lower slopes mean that you don't have to take the lift to the top to find what you need. There are gentle runs down from most of the lifts, and the majority of the reds aren't overly threatening, which¬†will be handy as you progress.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife