Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Stryn


Freeriders coming here in search of big powder bowls, dense trees and limitless off piste should forget it, Stryn has none of that. In the main, you are presented with some steep, but featureless terrain.


Freestylers are the ones who are going to benefit from a trip to Stryn the most, apart from the natural hits and the famous road jumps (as seen in many a video), the man made kickers are superb. The camp's pipes are located on the higher sections, while lower down is a pipe that anyone can use.


Carvers in hard boots, get real and have the summer off, because this is not a carvers resort whatsoever. Two fat turns and you're down. This is a soft boot hangout only.


Beginners that are easily intimidated may find this place a little daunting as the slopes are steep, but there are some areas to play about on if you really want to ride here.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife