Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Khibiny

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Resort life

Local population is 35,000. Most of the people work at the local chemical plant. The city itself is clean and safe, but run-down. There are two clubs and several restaurants, but the nightlife is in its infancy here and is very boring.


There are 4 hotels at the city. The closest to the mountain are "Kaskad" ($50 for double) and "Khibiny" ($20 for double). The best hotel is "Severnaya" (a double for $70) but it is in 1.5 km from the lifts and you'll have to take taxi every-time. Most of the riders rent apartments from locals. The average price is $10 per person. The landlords meet every train from Moscow or St.Peterburg and propose apartments right at the station.  READ NEXT: Mountain statistics