Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Telluride


Freeriders who like fast hard steeps will love it here as Telluride offers some fantastic riding. The Kant-Mak-M, the Spiral and the Plunge runs are a series of really challenging steeps that will either leave you seriously bruised if you bail, or make you feel like a god if you complete them in style. These are serious double black diamond trails and not for wimps.


Freestylers who are happy to roam around riding off natural hits are in for a pleasant surprise. The mountain has a number of natural pipes and banks. The West Drain slope offers some cool riding due in part to it being a natural half pipe. The Air Garden Terrain Park covers 10 acres and features a number of boxes, rails, kickers, table tops and a halfpipe designed for a variety of abilities. You’ll find it on Lower See Forever area.


Carvers have a mountain that lends itself perfectly well to cruising at speed, although it should be said that many of the trails are a bit short. Note also that some runs are only pisted on oneside, which means one side being smooth and the other bumpy.


Beginners are probably the one group who will feel most pleased here and most at ease because Telluride not only has a good percentage of easy trails, they are also well set out and very easy to negotiate.

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