Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Soldeu

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Resort life

Soldeu certainly offers more charm and is a prettier village in general to Pas. In El Tarter look up the English run Hotel Alba for reasonably priced accommodation with a great restaurant. In Soldeu try the also English run Hotel Roc de Sant Miquel for cheap and cheerful accommodation, or at the other end of the scale check out the Hotel Sport Village, an amazing complex overlooking the mountain just a stone’s throw from the gondola. Even in a top end hotel such as this one, it’s possible to get great low season last minute deals through tour operators.


Like the rest of Andorra, local facilities are basic, somewhat dull, but perfectly adequate for a week's stay.


Soldeu offers a less cheesy approach with some great live bands and excellent dj’s. The T-Bar is a favourite with local boarders and holidaymakers alike, and is also the official venue for the resort famous Snowboard School parties on a Thursday night. Also try the Avalanche for its good selection of dj’s, Fat Albert’s for its very talented live bands, or the Pussycat Club for busting shapes on the dancefloor later in the night.


An overload of apartments are available at the base of the slopes, with some very cheap lodging options.

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