Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Kaunertal

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Resort life

Off the slopes. Theres no accommodation anywhere near the slopes, the nearest village is Feichten about 25km away which despite its size can have enough going on to stop you howling at the moon. It also has a Sports centre with indoor pool & gym. Theres more accommodation not too much further up the valley in Prutz.


Most of the hotels all have restaurants, but you won't find a take-away in town and a 24hr milk dispenser is as late night as it gets. Pizzeria Rustica just outside town in unterhauser does okay food, but the Gletcher Blick is by far the best place to get some authentic local cuisine.


Nightlife. If it's sunny, the Hotel Kiwi is good for a beer, otherwise the Pfiff Alm wooden bar opposite the beginners lift can be good. The Zappa Dello Das Pub on the main road opens from 8pm and gets pretty lively at weekend. Plays DVD's & has DJ.


Accommodation. In Feichten there are a surprising number of pensions offering well kept rooms from 20 euros a night and a couple of hotels with rooms for not much more. Visit the tourist information who will find you somewhere.

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