Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Mayrhofen

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Resort life

Mayrhofen is a very attractive working village with over 3500 residents and facilities to cater for all and yet small enough to walk around easily. There’s a swimming pool and wellness centre on Waldbadstraße. If you need internet access, Hotel Strauss charges 2€ for 30mins for wireless access.


There are a large number of restaurants offering a number of cuisines to check out. The Chinese near Scotland Yard can be good. The Taverne, next to moreboards is the place to get a decent fry-up. Take-away place UFO does huge pizzas & good donor kebabs until 1am. Hans Gasser (the butchers) opposite the Penkenbahn lift is not only the place to buy your Speck and fresh meat, but more importantly the place to grab a pork roll to eat while you’re queuing for the lift.


There is an old tradition in Mayrhofen which states after a day’s boarding you must visit the Ice Bar as soon as you step off the Penken and drink a Grolsch. This bar reputidly sells the most Grolsch is Europe and is only open 4 hours a day! It gets heaving but can be great fun. There’s a Kebab shop in the bar, so you don’t even have to stumble outside when you need something solid.

After après boarding, late beers can be drunk at the English pub, the Scotland Yard pub until 2am. The Sports bar in Hotel Strauss and the Win Win bar vie for the football fans with big screens. Mo’s does some decent cocktails, serves food and also has a comfy lounge bar. There’s a number of clubs to head for, the Schlussel which is over the bridge, is a right sweatbox and open till 2am. The Arena nightclub, next to Hotel Strauss is the glitziest club and stays open till 3am


There’s over 8,500 beds and enough variety to cover almost every budget, head over to the main tourist information in the Europahau on Durster Strasse in the centre of town  READ NEXT: Mountain statistics