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Tue 24 April 2012 by Santa1

Get your own impression through this -

Beautiful and amazing feelings.


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Early Season Riding

Mon 9 January 2012 by coneman

The Rettenbach Glacier in my opinion is the only place worth riding. It's wide open, so if you're into narrow, tree dodging this may not be quite right. All the runs were above the tree line. The powder ranged from ankle to thigh depth, this was in mid-December. We drove from Gramisch, Germany where the Zuspitze was closed, and I'm really happy we went. The slopes on the glacier aren't super steep, but the vastness of it makes up for it and the natural features. It was easy to find drop-ins, natural ramps, deep pow. My only gripes and small. Too many T-bars, which just aren't good for snowboarders, but worth it on the glacier. Take your snowboard in the gondolas if there's enough room, the holders outside are a little loose and I was nervous a few times. Lastly, the lodges seemed somewhat lacking, not that I stopped much. This was my first riding outside North America and I can't wait to go back.


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Sorry to differ

Thu 5 February 2009 by jat147

Not a bad resort by any standards..... but i found it a bit too boring. It must have the widest pistes i've ever seen, real motorways. The lifts are very efficient and make travelling around very easy indeed, it really is well layed out. I'd recommend it to any beginer for these reasons, you won't find it at all intimidating. We drove from Innsbruck (took ages) and only stayed for a day, but we pretty much rode the lot before the lifts closed down - all 3 of the big X's quite easily. Driving back we thought how dull a week there could be, but a day trip is well worth it. Don't know about the nightlife, but we didn't hear a single English voice all day long. The Tyrol has much more to offer than this.


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Thu 24 April 2008 by ALEXIS4

If you want a huge area to ride, vast untracked powdery vistas, modern chairlifts with covers, and frankfurters with every meal, then Solden is the place for you. More strip bars than you ever thought possible in a ski resort, Solden is a bizarre cross between austere Austrian chocolate box tweeness and a pumping party town.

This is the town that rock built. If you don't hear Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer' at least 15 times a day, chances are you've left Solden by accident. All the bars have the same 80's rock anthems CD, and although it feels wrong for about the first 10 minutes, it begins to feel so right by the end. Within no time you'll be air guitaring away with the best of them. Leave your musical morality at the door and get involved in some stage diving at Harleys after a couple of Jager Red Bulls.


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Thu 28 September 2006 by Sally3

Oh my god!!

We had the best time EVER in Solden when we went for New Year in 2005. Midnight on New Years eve was breathtaking and such a fun experience.

The Slopes are perfect with a something for everyone. The run al the way down to the base is so much fun and the atmoshphere on the last run of the day as everyine piles down is unbeatable. The mountain refreshments are all top notch and there is a perfectly placed bar on the main run down to the base where you can sit and watch everyone pile into one another on the way down...VERY entertaining.

The town has an excellent mix of bars and a couple of clubs and i cannot reccommend the tabogganning at night enough. I have not laughed so much in my life.

This is a resort i would return to without a second thought!

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I got hitched

Tue 8 August 2006 by Coy

My wife and I "hooked up" two years ago while at was only two months ago that we tied the knot.  Solden is one of those places where everyone tries to get you drunk--ski slope, grocery store, bar, etc...  We went out 3 nights and not once did we pay for a drink when they found out we were Americans.  Solden has some of the nicest people you'll ever meet:)  We loved it there.  One thing not to forget is lift tickets are paid for at toll booth type huts in the center of the road on the way up--make sure you have enough Euro.   Sometimes the machines will go down.


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Sun 12 February 2006 by procat

Solden is great for snowboarding; The Giggijoch side (red slopes) is a nice place to start your day; also it has a great offpiste between Giggijoch and Gaislach; For the better snowboarding area's go to Gaislach or the Rettenbach gletcher; Gaislach has good red slopes and there are alternitive off piste route to choose from. One downside on our trip; the gletcher was closed most time of the week due to bad wether. So if its open go for it! Furthermore the routes down to Solden are nice for finishing your day

Apres ski is great, you can start high up at Giggijoch base and descent down into the bars in Solden.

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by WSG Steve

Now this is a place; huge area with some great wide runs and off piste areas. Check your email for free and chill out at the Soloman station. Top of the main gondala gets full up with ski school so get over to the glacier for some peaceful boarding. The nightlifes wild, dutch on one side of the road germans on the other, very few english. So theres a mass of umbrella apres ski bars, with things getting very messy by eight.