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User rating 8 out of 10

Really Don't want to tell you how good it is!

Fri 22 November 2013 by wangerscider

We've been to Jasna twice, second time we went with Propaganda! Great bunch of people and a great Chalet set up! Jasna is great for all abilities from Biela Put for absolute beginners to the "South Side" for those riders wanting some greater powder away from the crowds. We really love it here!

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a place celebrating snowboarding as it should be!

Wed 14 May 2008 by Swede1

lifts don't always work off-piste is insane´if you wanna walk park is crap people are great food and drink is cheap women are lovely cheap, cheap and cheap.

however it is getting more expensive quickly (been there 2 yrs running....huge difference!) so go there before they work it out :)


User rating 7 out of 10

burn the candle

Tue 14 March 2006 by leigh5

Heja... the Vikings; a terrible race. Rape, pillage, plunder. The scourge of Europe...

We lived like Vikings (a bit. We didn't actually rape, pillage or plunder anything - we just ate, drank and snowboarded a lot. Vikings for the 21st century?).

Anyway. Crap lifts, long queues, great snow, beautiful mountains, good beer, people who know how to enjoy themslves. Plus, it felt like a real place - know what I mean?

Some quite hectic drops are relatively easily accessible. I'm going back, hopefully at Easter if it snows... see you there.

User rating 6 out of 10

a reccommendation

Wed 4 January 2006 by Zoot

A bunch of us went to Jasna a year ago, and we had a great time. Everything's cheap - especially the beer (but that's what everybody tell you).

The slopes are nice enough, but it's worth checking the weather conditions, as poor snow can put a bit of a downer on things.

What I would advise the more adventurous and cheapskate among you is not to book your accommodation through any agencies, and not to check in to any of the tourist rinsing (but still comparitively cheap) hotels. Instead, wonder your way into any of the nearby villages and knock on a few doors. You might benefit from speaking Slovakian, Polish or German, but we got by with mime and the odd German word. I don't rememebr the name of the village we went to, but it was halfway down the mountain from the first gondola - a mere 15 minute bus ride away. We knocked on the door of a wonderfully amusing and highly characterful old chap, and managed to haggle an amazing deal on two rooms for the 7of us.

It was basic, but had all we needed. I'd advise anyone else to try the same.

Have fun! Make sure you try the demanovka!