Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Sierra Nevada

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Resort life

Off the slopes, Sierra Nevada is a cool place with a lot going on. Getting around the village, which is extremely steep, is pretty tough on foot though (especially once you have had a few beers).

Sierra Nevada resort village
Sierra Nevada resort village
Photo: Sierra Nevada tourism

There is a bus service that runs until midnight, or alternatively, a chair lift that links the various levels to the centre of the village, for which you will need a valid lift pass to get on. The main set back for this place is the high cost of everything, which may have something to with the fact that the Sierra Nevada attracts a lot of the Spanish elite, and all the baggage that clings on to them. However, what is on offer is of a high standard with locals making you welcome.


If you don't like Spanish food then don't fret, this place serves up all kinds of affordable grub from Chinese to Mexican.


The main thing to watch out for, is that because this is a busy place, restaurants fill up early on in the evening and so a lot of waiting for a table is common place. Still, a meal, at a price, can be had in the likes of the Ruta del Veleta, (very posh and expensive but good). Tito Luigi is good for a cheap meal.


If you like hard, fast and drunken action, there is plenty of it here but nothing happens until late. Bars and clubs don't get going until at least midnight, then it rocks and you'll have no trouble staying out late, drinking until you drop at 5 in the morning. The Soho Bar and La Chicle are your main late hangouts, where Senorita's are in plentiful supply all night long.

Sierra Nevada village at night
Sierra Nevada village at night
Photo: Sierra Nevada tourism


Accommodation comes in all manner of styles and prices starting at super expensive. Most of the accommodation is located within easy reach of the base lifts and is pretty good, with some accommodation options at affordable prices. For budget riders, there's a hostel offering cheap beds with joint lift pass package rates.  READ NEXT: Mountain statistics