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User rating 8 out of 10

Fun for a long weekend

Wed 30 March 2005 by Mathew

I've just returned from four days boarding at Leysin this easter (March 2005) and highly rate the location. Leysin was a small, quiet, and relaxed town, with nice cafes, restaurants and a few decent bars tucked away in various corners. It certainly doesn't have the glamorous resort feel that some locations do - in our case, perrfect for a relaxing long weekend. Weather conditions were glorious - blue skies and sunshine, but snow conditions were patchy - only the one trail down to the village and a handful of lifts open. We could easily see however that the mountain would be a boarders paradise with a decent snow cover. Gullies, lips, rollers, gladed lines, natural hits everywhere. Our boards took a hammering whilst exploring the thin off-piste cover but it was certainly enjoyable. Mountain prices were reasonable compared to other destinations I've been to this season (Meribel and Sierra Nevada). The folks at Endless Ride also looked after us all week with board repairs, waxing, and great end-of-season deals on gear. On the negative side, the quality of grooming on the runs was poor, especially compared to US/Canadaian standards. This doensn't normally bother me as a boarder, but in the spring time it's no fun negotiating poorly groomed lumpy and bumpy iced-up runs first thing in the morning. Lastly, the lifties were the laziest I've seen anywhere in the world. Don't expect much assistance if you're new to a moving carpet chair lift or T-Bar. All-in-all though, an excellent resort that we're looked forward to visiting again next season.

User rating 10 out of 10

Excellent resort

Tue 21 October 2003 by L.C.

Girlfriend and I went to this place about 2 years ago and it was a freeriders dream land. Tree runs galore and plenty of natural hits on the way through. Great snow and a great atmosphere ie not all snotty and "do you like my new jacket its this seasons" kind of bollocks. Totally recommend a trip to this place. Also recomend chalet Ermina.