Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Heavenly

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Resort life

Off the mountain, local action is lively and plentiful. The choice of accommodation, eating and booze joints is massive and many within easy reach of the slopes. However, local services are a bit spread out and having a car here is a must. Locals make you feel at home and services are of a very high standard. However, the popularity of the area does mean that the place can be excessively busy, especially at weekends. South Lake Tahoe has heaps of shops, loads of sporting facilities as well as a number of casinos.


Restaurants are plentiful and at prices to please everyone, there are also various fast-food joints. Every type of food is available here from Chinese, Italian, Mexican to standard American fair. It’s all on offer. The list of good eating places is too long to mention in this short journal, but loacls will point you in the right direction if you ask for some recommendations. In the meantime Red Hutt or Chris's are both good.


Nightlife in Heavenly is dull. However in South Lake Tahoe there is plenty of gambling if that is your thing and many of the casinos have nightclubs. Some of the better ones are Club Bleu and Vex. Whiskey Dicks host some great band nights and Mc P's Irish bar is always a favourite for late night drinking.


Accommodation: Although there is lodging within walking distance of the slopes, it is very expensive. South Lake Tahoe is heaving with hotels and motels from very cheap to very expensive. If you are on a budget try 'Doug's Mellow Mountain Retreat' (916) 544 8065 at $13-$15 per night for a small dormitory. The Blu Zu Hostel 4140 Pine Park  (916) 541 9502 $15 per night for a bed in the dormitory.

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