Mammoth Mountain

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Resort life

At the base area you will find some accommodation and basic facilities. However, the best value is to stay down in the town of Mammoth Lakes which is 4 miles from the mountain. Mammoth Lakes has a huge selection of good local services and although the area is not noted for being affordable, riders on a budget will still be able to swing it with a number of cheap supermarkets and low priced dorms to lodge at. For all your snowboard needs, Mammoth has a number of snowboard shops, such as Stormriders tel (760) 934 2471 and Mountain Riders, tel (760) 934 0679.


You can get almost any type of food here, ranging from expensive to mega bucks. There are a number of cheaper food-stops such as Berger's, where you can dine on chicken or burgers. The Breakfast Club is the place for early starters, while Roberto's serves hot Mexican nosh. If pizzas is your thing, then try a slice at Nik-N-Willie's which is noted for its food. Grumpy's is noted for chicken served up in a sporting setting. Hennessey's in the new village is ok, but if you fancy something thats not in breadcrumbs then take a look along the old Mammoth road, the Alpenrose comes highly recommended. For a great coffee and to check your email go to Looney Beans, 3280 Main Street.


Night-life hits off in Mammoth Lakes and while not fantastic, it is still pretty good with bars playing up-to-date sounds. Amongst the more popular hangouts are Whiskey Creek and the Stonehouse Brewery. Grumpy's is a cool place that serves booze and burgers, set to a back drop of TV screens showing the latest slope action. In the new village Dublins does the beer/TV thing well, and has a nightclub called Fever next door, but pick of the bunch is Lakanuki's. The Innsbruck near the main lodge is good for a beer after a long day.


Theres plenty of accomodation to be found in the town of Mammoth Lakes which is about 4 miles from the main lodge, but note on the whole most are very expensive. You will find condo-overload plus a few B&B joints and a hostel. The Ullr  Lodge on Minaret Rd is a reasonable priced hostel with beds from $20 a night. The new village on the edge of town has various apartments available and means you can practically ski-in/out every day, but at a cost. The Mammoth Mountain Inn is situated near the main lodge and offers some good room and lift deals, but the development work going on nearer town however leaves it feeling increasingly isolated. The rooms have been refurbished and a free night bus now runs into town, so its not a bad choice if you want to be one of the first on the slopes.