Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Sierra-at-Tahoe


Freeriders who get their fix by shredding trees will love this resort. Sierra is covered with tight trees that will rip you apart if you drop down the wrong line. However, much of the area is rated as intermediate standard.


Freestylers will find this mountain a bit of a gem but instead of having one mail park, theres lots of smaller parks dotted over the mountain depending on the conditions. The main park is on Broadway, but don’t forget Upper Main, The Alley and Bashful, and theres a beginners park on Smokey. Hey and don’t forget Pipeline which is a long, well looked after superpipe. For those who like their hits to come naturally, you will find plenty of banks and big walls to ride, especially where snow banks up alongside the trees.


Riders who look only for perfectly flat, bumpless slopes may not be too impressed. This is not a resort that can lay claim to having lots of great piste on which to lay some fast turns. In general the terrain is a little unforgiving. However, there is some quite good riding to be had on the West Bowl Slopes where carvers can show off in style and at speed.


Beginners will find plenty of easy slopes, with the chance of riding from the summit down the green Sugar 'n' Spice trail. Other cool novice trails are off Rock Garden and Nob Hill lifts. Broadway, located at the base area, is good for the total beginner and it even has its own beginner chair so you won?t have to suffer the embarrassment of continually falling off a drag lift.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife