Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Sun Valley


Freeriders who know what life is about and can handle a board at speed will be able to prove it on the slopes up on Bald Mountain which has a good selection of advanced and intermediate trails. The bowls below the Seattle Ridge are superb and will keep you amused for days with some nice powder stashes. There’s some great hikes dropping in to some incredible backcountry, but you’re gonna have to kidnapp and tourture a local before they’ll tell you.


Freestylers are well catered for here with a halfpipe that measures 350 foot long by 80 foot wide and is located on the Dollar area. Riders can also purchase a budget priced lift ticket that covers Dollar and the pipe area. Around the whole area freestylers will find loads of awesome natural hits to get air off.


Nutters who consider themselves to be of the advanced grade, should look no further than the slopes off Bald Mountain where you’ll find a first class selection of long, well pitched cruising runs


Beginners should be aware of the difference between the main areas. If you are a total first timer to snowboarding then stay away from Bald Mountain and check out the offerings on Dollar. The local ski school offers clinics from $45 a session for all grades.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife