Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Killington


Freeriders have a mountain that often seems to vary at every turn: you get to ride lots of bumps - Superstar on Skye Peak and Outer Limits on Bear Mountain for instance; plus there are lots of trees to ride in, with numerous 'secret' trails to search out. If you're after a heart tester, check out the steeps at Killington Peak off the Cascade chair, where you have a choice of tree-lined steep blacks.


Killington HalfpipeFreestylers have four terrain parks and two halfpipes. The main pipe in the wild fire park has 18foot walls and is 425 foot long. And as well as the pipe having great transitions and sounds blasting out, you can also get a burrito pipe side. As well as featuring four terrain parks, one of which is now on the Timberline, there is now a boardercross course on the Dream Maker area. Killington offers a pipe-only pass for $20


Pistes. Riders who want it steep will love Killington’s terrain, which ranges from ultra-wide, straight down trails like Double Dipper, to narrower, more traditional runs such as East Fall or Royal Flush. Other notable spots are on Ram’s Head, Snowdon or Skye Peak.


Beginner's areas are excellent. However, like a lot of New England resorts, they can get busy at weekends. Stick to mid-week if possible as there are no crowds and empty runs. The Killington Snowboard School is excellent and offers every level of tuition, at prices worth paying. A day's ride package costs $65.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife