Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Killington

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Resort life

Local facilities are extensive and varied, with a purpose-built village at the base of the slopes. However, by far the bulk of local hospitality is stretched along the access road. If you're prepared to pay for the convenience, then try to stay at the base; the cheaper thing to do is move away from Killington and hang out in one of the smaller hamlets. This way you get a better feel of the place and the locals are easier to get to know. Wherever you stay, it's always good to have a car, although there are shuttle bus services. For snowboard services check the Ride On or Darkside shops.


Food is standard grade, east coast, with big portions, lots of variety with over 60 restaurants throughout the area and in every price bracket. Churchills is noted for its steaks but isn't cheap and may entail a drive to get to it along route 4. Also highly rated is Hemingways, a super dollar hungry restaurant. For a decent and filling breakfast, why not check out the Kodiak Cafe. Or for a reasonably priced burger visit Peppers bar.


Night-life in and around Killington is noted for being well suited to snowboarders. There is a host of evening spots where beer and local birds are available to all ,and which can be very lively most evenings while rocking 'til late. The Pickle Barrel is known for having a good vibe as is the Wobbly Barn with live bands and rowdy crowds.


Accommodation here is a bit hit and miss, in the sense that there is no real town to speak of. There are some slopeside condos, but they don't come cheap. A full range of lodging options can be found stretched along the five mile access road, and offers dozens of cheap B&B joints to motels.  READ NEXT: Mountain statistics