Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Crystal Mountain


Freeriders, miss this place and you’re missing out on life; the terrain is pure freeriding and South Back is the place to check out if you’re willing to do some hiking. From the summit of Throne, you get to ride what can best be described as heaven - unfortunately it is not for wimps being a steep with a double black diamond rating. Less daunting but still a big buzz are the runs off Summit House, while the trails in the North Back area on the likes of Paradise Bowl are total joy.


Freestylers won’t need man-made facilities at Crystal Mountain, as there is plenty of natural freeride terrain to catch big air. However, there is a pipe off the Rendezvous chair, but it’s not up to much. The Boarder Zone fun-park, located off the Quicksilver chair, has a number of hits, but like the halfpipe, it doesn’t live up to what nature can offer.


Pistes. Boarders who stick to the piste can have as good a time as those looking for the untamed, with a choice of excellent slopes that will please advanced and intermediate riders, even if some of the trails are not too long.


Beginners can’t do much worse than at Crystal. Only 13 of its trails are fine for novices, but what is on offer is excellent and easily reached from the base. And like many US resorts, a number of the higher rated runs are not that tricky, so many of the red trails can be licked by a competent, fast-learning novice.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife