Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Dachstein Glacier


In the winter there are far better places to head to, but in the summer it really comes into its own and has a wicked terrain park and none of the attitude you can get it some other summer glaciers.


The big draw here is the excellent Horsefeathers Super Park, which is headed by AndiRöck and the QParks crew who maintain a number of parks in the area. The park is split into 2 areas, each served by its own t-bar. The main park has 3 main advanced lines featuring 6 large kickers, 5 large boxes, a wallride and a few other features depending on the conditions. The beginner park isn’t maintained as well as the main park but usually features 2 parallel lines of some easy kickers.

There will be two down rails whereby one’s a bit lower for practicing and the other one is like street-style and a double kink rail that’s easy to ride. Well there’s another straight-rail and endless boxes. Kickers? Sure! Massive ones!“ said Andi Röck


The Glacier is a great place to head in Summer as this place stays open until 5pm much longer than other summer glaciers, so there’s no rush to get up at the crack of dawn.


From the base at 1700m it’s a 7 minute cable-car journey to the top at a modest 2700m. The area resembles a molar tooth and is surrounded by sheer cliffs.


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