Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Mont Sainte Ann


Freeriders of all levels should like Mont Saint-Anne, however, if you like to ride fast, you could get round this place in a day or two. All the slopes are carved out of closely knitted trees providing for some bumpy trails, but lacking in wide, open powder bowls. The south side slopes offer the most challenging runs with a cluster of fast double black diamond runs down the middle, one of which runs from the top all the way to the base and will burn up your thighs or make your eyes water if you bail.


Freestylers are free to roam the whole mountain, but they may wish to stay in the approximately 300,000 square foot fun-park which is located up on La Grande Allee trail. Here there is a good series of man made hits and a well shaped 75 metre halfpipe with walls cut by Quebec's first Pipe Dragon. The fun park, which is a good one, is unfortunately fully opened to skiers, who often wreck the the walls with their four edges.


Carvers may feel most at ease here. The pisted runs are well-suited to cranking over at speed. The most testing trails, including double black diamond runs, can be found on South Face.


Beginners are provided with gentle green runs that allow riding from top to bottom on some very tame descents. If you stay here for a week, you should be very competent by the time you leave (a two-week trip might be a bit much, even for a novice).

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