Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Corralco

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Resort life

Life off the snow in Corralco is far spread. From the on-mountain hotel to the local village of Malalcahuello and the many lodges in the area, the pace of life here is relaxed and rural, and offers a great opportunity to get back to nature or experience some true local Chilean culture.


The on-mountain café in Corralco is simple but has a reasonable range of options, including outdoor BBQ options on sunny days. Off the mountain, the eating options are almost exclusively small cafes and hotel/lodge restaurants.

Check out Nalca Restaurant if you’re looking for a glorious meat fest, including wild pork, huge steaks and Chile’s version of black pudding.


There’s very little nightlife in Corralco, but that’s not why people come here. If you’re looking for a party town, head to Pucon or up to Las Trancas.


Corralco own their own hotel just below the resort base, the Valle Corralco Hotel and Spa. This is a luxurious 5 star establishment with all the facilities you need and the service to go along with it.

If you’re requiring something a little cheaper, check out the numerous lodges on the main access road or the Swiss-run accommodation Suizandina Lodge, a little further away.

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