Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in La Clusaz



Freeriders will like the less crowded area of the Massif de Balme, where a series of red runs and a long black lead to open slopes which allow you to ride off-piste, hitting some powder stashes. Under the Fernuy there are some good tree runs and there’s a cool little valley off the side of the Combe de Borderan.  There aren’t really any huge faces to take on but it’s not a bad spot to blood yourself in the ways of off piste, it’s also a good area for an intermediate/beginners mixed ability group.



Freestylers have a halfpipe and park on the Massif de Balme slopes, but it’s very standard although they have improved the pipe in the last few seasons. The way the area is spread out means that there is a lot of okay natural terrain for catching air, but this is not a great freestyle place.



The pistes are often neglected so the moguls can build. The slopes allow for some good wide arcs on intermediate terrain; the longest run is on the Balme slopes, whilst on Massif de Beauregard, there's an interesting long run to tackle at speed.



Beginners can achieve a lot here, with slopes that are excellent for finding out what snowboarding is like in the early stages. If the snows ok the runs around the Cret du Merle are best once you’ve got the basics and there’s plenty to progress onto.
The Beauregard and L'Etale areas have good, easy slopes; the only potential problem is that they are mostly serviced by drag lifts.
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