Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in La Plagne

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Resort life

While not the prettiest alpine village, La Plagne does have some good qualities, plus theres a very good bus service connecting all the smaller resorts, meaning you can try out different bars and restaurants in other locations.


Food glorious food! Well, you are in France, and there are plenty of local tasty Savoyard specialities, which are not so good for the veggies. Best of all is the fondue, which is best done slowly and with lots of wine. There are lots of other foods available - pretty much whatever you want - so look around.


Not the most stylish of nightspots, but let's be honest, if theres alcohol, and ladies for the fellas, and fellas for the ladies, then who really cares? La Plagne is not cheap (however it is cheaper than many other resorts in the French Alps), so drink up, dont be shy and make some new friends.


Take your pick as there is a good selection of all the usual catered and uncatered apartments, hotels and chalets.

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