Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Mt Dobson


Freeriders of an intermediate level will find a day riding the slopes here is not a bad way to pass some time. The best of which will be the trails on the main face of the T-bar, and runs off the West and East trails. Riders who like something to get stuck into and need a few challenges, may find Dobson a little repetitive and lacking in general interest. However, there is some nice challenging riding in the back bowls and the series of short blacks that drop down from the West and East runs, will give you something to think about. The Bluff is not a bad run and has a few humps en-route to the bottom of the Platter 2 drag lift.


Freestylers will find it hard pressed to find anything man made to fling off. There is a natural half-pipe to be found off the west trail, but thats about it.


Carvers who like to do big wide turns but don't like to do them for too long, will find Mt Dobson perfectly in tune with their thinking and liking. Nothing here takes that long to carve up, with only a couple of fast pisted tracks to choose from.


Beginners will find the whole place a joy and even though a number of the runs graded "Difficult and Intermediate" are a bit over rated and can be challenged after a short time by most.

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