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This place is packed with features, and is perfect for the pro as much as the novice taking their first steps into the park. Most of the major features are dug out of the landscape, so they should be open all season. 

The Super Pipe is designed to full World Cup spec, and theres another suitable for beginners. Theres a 50x8m 1/4 pipe, this year they're looking at 40+ rails, boxes and hits of varying sizes for all abilities. To ease progression they have 3-4 sizes of each rail, and a similar setup for the boxes. Theres an increase in the number of beginners jumps this year, and its graded to get you ready for some of the monsters such as the 100ft kicker they built for Burton.

Behind the back of the 1/4 pipe theres also a skate park to try out, you can rent the equipment if necessary or for $10 a day just enjoy the skatepark.



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