How to get to Abzakovo


Russia, Bashkortostan Republic, 453600, Beloretsky Area, Novo-Abzakovo station,
Telephone: (3519) 25-93-58, 25-93-01, 24-11-77
Fax: (3519) 25-93-52, 25-93-00, 24-77-61

By Car

It is not recommended to go by car all the way from Moscow, however, if you find yourself in Urals, you need to take the Ekaterinburg - Ufa auto route through Uchaly and then turn left at Beloretsk. The journey from Ekaterinburg will take about 7 hours.

By Plane

Siberia Airlines and Utair are the two local airlines that have daily flights directly from Moscow Domodedovo airport to Magnitogorsk, which is just 40 km away from Bannoe. A return flight will cost $250-$400 with taxes and takes about 2 hours.

By bus/coach

In Magnitogorsk you can take a local bus, which goes towards Ufa and it will cost you about 100 R ($3) for this 1-hour journey.

By train

Direct train from Moscow to Magnitogorsk (about 24 hours from Moscow and costs 200 R ($70) one way), and then to Novo-Abzakovo (about 40 km). If you are going along the Trans-Siberian railway, you can stop in Ekaterinburg and take a 400 km train journey (about 7 hours) to Magnitogorsk, from where you can take a bus or a train to Abzakovo.

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