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The local apres-ski is centered various hotels and tour-bases and caters more towards the family audience, so you won't get big happenings here. There are many restaurants in the town where you can eat for 150-300 R ($5-$15), depending what level of comfort you prefer. The neighbouring Abzakovo (25 km) has it all: bars, clubs, and even an aqua-park, so head there if you want to have some fun.


There are three hotels: Yubileiny Sanatorium (the most comfortable accommodation on the shore of Bannoye lake), Uralskie Zori (600 m from the slopes), Berezki Tourbase (1,5 km from the slopes), Bannoe Pension and a few other hotels. Yubileinoe Sanatorium offers 3-star hotel-like accommodation, as well as private houses for rent. The price starts at 1000 R ($35) for a single, 1400 R ($50) for a double per night. Book at [email protected] Uralskie Zori is the cheapest, but basic option. Shared accommodation starts at 200 R ($7) per night. To book, contact tel: +7 (3519) 24-36-78, 24-56-31, 24-39-35 (fax), or email: [email protected] Berezki Tourbase looks like a typical Soviet tourbase (so, it's not very pleasant), but offers private accommodation for the lowest prices: 600 R ($23) for a single, 1100 R ($40) for a double. Can be booked through [email protected] Most accommodation is available if you just show up, but make sure it's not between 29 December and 9 January, which is the most busy period.

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