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Resort life

What town? There’s a car park at the bottom of the cable car, and at the top there’s a hotel and two bars. The Ski Hotel Vogel is a cool place to spend a few nights with double rooms, half board, from 35euros/night per person. The Wild Boar Pub has dorm and private rooms and will do you a good lunch or dinner and is a great place for a pint, with its log fires.


If you’re looking for night lift then just come here on a day trip. If you want to be first on the lift in the morning and you’re happy drinking with the people you’re travelling with or want to try your luck with the bar staff then Vogels for you.


Ski Hotel Vogel and the Wild Boar which rent out the local cabins are your only options up the hill. At the bottom you’ll have to drive to Ribcev Laz  READ NEXT: Mountain statistics