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Take another look

Wed 8 October 2008 by Ari

I've spent a few weeks in Stubaital and the glacier affords some excellent powder opportunities. Look for untracked off the long t-bar over the back with a short hike back up to the chair or the multitude of lines off the Downferner. Don't miss the crazy apres ski at the Mutterbergalm - it's about 100m down the car park from where the Innbruck buses leave from so most tourists miss it.


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never again

Mon 17 January 2005 by bziku

i just came back from a 5-day stay there. everything fine, sun is shining, it wasn't too cold (around -3 celsius), we found accomodation for 10 euro which was really nice, lots of snow, not too many people.. but..

but.. yeah.. its not a place for snowboarders. i was riding only in the glacier area, and there is no snow-park there, no halfpipe, nothing!! there were couple of jumps made by riders but they were so small that you couldn't call that a jump, others bigger were okay but made on a offpiste terrain where the snow was ice-hard so i didnt give it a try.

basically i think it sucks. for speed riding it's really nice, long runs and stuff but for freeriding/freestyle - nothing.

don't go there

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hell its cold

Thu 23 December 2004 by rude-dog

dont rush there, but if your in innsbruck and the snows not great then its worth the journey, make sure you go right to the top though, the weather conditions will blow you away.

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Wed 11 August 2004 by Ian8

My weekin Stubai was my second time boarding and the it was perfect for my standard of boarding. The wide open piste's were fantastic to build up confidence in carving and once mastered, I was away!! I would recomend this resort to beginners and intermediates alike! But a point to note! Take your thermals, as when the wind blows, it blows!!!! Boy was it cold!

User rating 6 out of 10

Tue 9 March 2004 by WSG Steve

Very bare, but some very wide pistes and the best place to go when the rocks start poking through on the other resorts