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Not Great - reality check people!!

Mon 30 December 2013 by WhistlerPete

Visited Whistler in Jan 2013 for the first time only to find an overpriced and tired resort, truly bad food and facilities on the mountain and a complete lack of investment in the lift network/mountain restaurants which is embarrassing for a 'world class' resort. The village itself lacks any kind of charm and prices are elevated but not stupid. The queues for the lifts should not be happening if they had decent [newer] lift network capacity. It seems the whole resort and mountain is owned by one entity which controls prices, investment and reduces the competition one would 100% expect to drive down prices when visiting European resorts.

Whistler is not a world class destination or resort in my opinion - it fails in so many areas to be worthy of this title.

The powder is sublime - don't get me wrong - great powder skiing.....but does that make it 10/10 resort? Any number of Swiss or Austrian resorts would put Whistler to shame.

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awesome mountains, awesome people

Tue 3 July 2012 by jeremybib

I absolutely love going up to Whistler to hit the slopes. My sister has lived up there for over 10 years now. So I always have a place to stay. It is by far the best mountain around here. There is just so much awesome terrain. Plus down in the village there are plenty of great places to eat and party. Highly recommended.

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Totally Awesome for 10 years

Fri 11 April 2008 by Whistler


I have lived here for 10 years and ride 100+ days a year. It is soo great I recommend coming and trying out the slopes for sure. I came here blind, just packed up everything in my car and it worked out. You can find lots of places to stay for a vacation though.

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All the best :) Matt


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Powder Paradise!

Tue 6 November 2007 by cjbarker

Awesome! What a place, snowed every day, got a bit slushy on one day when the sea winds warm things up a bit on the lower slopes, but the terrain is endless. I was up at the crack of dawn waiting for the lift to open most mornings, which is best as the queues get rammed around mid morning, but once up there, you can't get bored! great parks for all standards and freeride powder paradise. Seventh heaven, Symphony and Harmony lifts are the dogs!



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totally awesome dude!

Tue 22 May 2007 by robin5

something here for everone - all types of terrain - from greens to death defying chutes. boardparks are incredible - everything is well laid out and maintained along with fast efficent lifts and a superb snow record - go on spoil yourself and have the time of your life!


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Sat 30 September 2006 by Board of Summer

Simply the best resort in the world!  Powder days every second day, huge amount of terrain and crowds nowhere near as long as some of the European resorts.  Groomed huge areas and mogels kept to a minimum.  Great ideas like grooming half a piste and left the other side mogel'd so the skiers had somewhere to play.  Great back-bowls which are huge and are just powder powder everywhere.

Down side is the flight from London, but you just have to go for longer! 

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Whistler my favorite resort of all

Tue 15 November 2005 by cousin

Although every-one floods to this mountain for its reputation i have yet to find the chair lifts busy and this is travelling half term (febuary), but please miss this week for one reason only Its the GAY festival (and i dont mean happy). One major problem with this resort. since i first went in 2002, i havent found anywhere where i have enjoyed my holiday as much.

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Wed 15 September 2004 by Tubbs

Ok I know I'm not alone out there in my views or opinions - Whistler/Blackcomb ROCKS!! I've usually stayed nearer home ie Europe, but the long-haul flight is worth it. Whistler I was told was going to be expensive - Val D'Isere is more expensive and doesn't come close in the terrain thats available. We had 2 guides Jim and Adam that took us over both mountains over 6 days - park, pipe off-piste and 3 ft of pow in a morning -- need I say more....don't get me started...if you think it's expensive - it isn' can do it cheaply. When you tot up the cash and with the dollar in our favour you will spend less than our Euro resorts.

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Just got back, can't wait to return...

Tue 17 February 2004 by Damien1

So it goes like this: I snowboarded once about 10 years ago in Switzerland and I haven't done so again up until this weekend. I was invited to Whistler with my girlfriend and the family she works for as a nanny. I only snowboarded one (glorious) day while in Whilstler and I'm completely hooked. My skateboarding background allowed me to actually ride the easy tree runs on my crappy rented gear. Whistler really was a dream come true. Although I had no other mountains to compare it to I could tell that this place was awesome. I was basically a huge poser but I totally enjoyed my time riding the slopes. I literally cannot wait to go back. Fucking rad.

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Fri 12 December 2003 by Nikki2

I cannot wait to go to Whistler, I've heard nothing but good things from this mountain. Living in Vancouver makes me really excited that our city was picked for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and it should be interesting seeing the competition on Whistler. I'm proud to say that I AM CANADIAN! And Whistler is a CANADIAN mountain! woohoo!