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in Cerler

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Resort life

The only fun to be had here is of your own making. The resorts very quiet with only a few restaurants, all of which serve very good local food at a good price. Check out the El Rincon for a great meal. If you want a night out then you should stay down the mountain in Benasque which is a lively little town with bars, restaurants and accommodation. Its only a short drive but the public transport between Benasque and resort is limited so best to have your own car.


The Casa Cornel is a renovated 12th Cen farm house with reasonably priced rooms and cheaper very nice hostel style rooms. It also has a very good restaurant, check out the wild mushrooms. The best hotel in town, which wont break the bank, is the Hotel HG Cerler, its newly built using the local stone and a lot of glass. Its a 10 min walk down hill to the slopes but there is a free hotel bus, five nights with lift pass is around £250. Cheaper, but a pain without a car, are the hotels down in Benasque, which is where the night life is at.
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