Your views on Sierra Nevada

User rating 7 out of 10


Mon 21 February 2011 by Jezmond

Im a novice boarder but keen to learn and prior to coming here my experience of boarding has been in banff, canada. My girlfriend was of the opinion that having seen some of the best already then Sierra Nevada might be a disappointment. Well i thought it was a lot better than i had expected. The resort itself was bigger than expected and the facilities on the slopes were really quite good. For the beginner like me there were 4 very well maintained and accessible green runs with a nice Blue run nearby. The snow was pretty hard packed in places though despite the resort having had a good drop of snow a few days before. The people there were pretty helpful also. One thing i found was that accomodation was pretty expensive for what you get, nightlife was ok. Overall this is a great place to visit if your "in the area" - i think a week or more might be too long here, however the proximity of Granada, and the coast would help broaden the visit.


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Good things come in small packages!!!

Thu 5 January 2006 by printer

Im studying in malaga at the moment so i get up to sierra nevada about twice a month and i have been so pleasantly surprised by it! I really expected it to be tiny and just not very good but the park setup is great, loads of different rails and there are some lovely natural hits all over the place. Everytime i was there we always stay in granada so i cant really comment on the nightlife side.... yet! Overall, it is small in comparison to the alps, but for the south of spain you cant ask for much more.

User rating 7 out of 10

for the family

Fri 16 December 2005 by al8

great value and great begginers runs.during week days its almost so quiet its your own mountain.biggest draw back is that it only gets two or three good falls of snow a year so its mostly hard packed on the best runs but the intrepid should be able to find some treats if they look behind the top lifts.