Your views on Crans Montana

User rating 9 out of 10

Dangerous place

Thu 6 December 2012 by YooDoG

This is a beautiful resort for those who love freeriding at it's best, but there is a negative to it. It mountain contains a lot of cracks and unexpected cliffs! I my self have flown down the cliff there, even though I'm very careful about it. Because of the amount of snow that you get there, you can not see the age often and as a result you do not expect anything but a solid ride down...

Other than this it is a great resort, very specious and with a good altitude variance. I enjoyed riding there a lot (off-pist) even though my "ass bone" - don't know how to call it, was in pain for log after 15m drop... luckly there was lot of snow, and still... be careful in Crans-Montana, my be a guid would be very good idea ;)