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in Verbier

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Resort life

Off the slopes, Verbier is awash with cash and a drink in the town will match the price of slope side beer in any flash French resort. The hoteliers and landlords in Verbier know what they want and that’s high earners. But don’t let the expense put you off, as the slopes should not be missed. Don’t stay here if you’re on a budget, simply ride hard all day and drive to another resort to sleep. Or better still, take a holiday in the neighboring resort of Nendaz and ride the Veribier slopes. The resort is well set out and can sleep over 15,000 people, but none of its cheap. If you do plan to holiday here it’s probably best to take a package deal. For local advice on bars and whats going down check with the guys at ‘No Bounds’ or ‘Extreme’ snowboard shops.


Bring stacks of tins of baked beans with you and a cooker, as unless your name is Princess Lucky, you simply won't be able to afford any of the restaurants or even the supermarkets. Food in a town that attracts the super rich, is not easy to come by cheaply, although there are loads of restaurants to choose from with a cross the board range of menus from Chinese to bland Swiss fondues.


Night life is going to cost you and cost you dear. Those who aren’t put off by the price should visit the Lounge bar which is a chilled out place for a drink, it’s close to the Après-Ski bar in the Hotel Farinetm, which kicks off late afternoon. For a late night check out The Casbah, which is under the Hotel Farinetm. The Office is good if you like Tex Mex. Harolds hamburgers + Cyber Cafe is the cheapest place to eat and also shows the UK Football.


There are 15,000 beds on offer in Verbier. But all comes at a high price, but thats not to say you wont be able to get a bed somewhere. The best option is to take a package tour. Or for those who dont mind sleeping with a snorer, check out the Bunker, its the cheapest place in town, with dorms from 25CHF a night, but it gets hellishly busy at times. , tel: +41(0)27 771 6601

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