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User rating 5 out of 10

Do not go!!

Sat 30 September 2006 by Board of Summer

Have been to many a resort in Europe and hoped that Vail would be as good or better.  Sadly disappointed with a very ski orientated experience with short busy runs, very busy lift system and a very strange piste policy.

Most of the pistes are bashed every second day and with the number of skiers, the moguls are hell!  Some runs are never pisted and although they look very tempting from the lift after a dump, when you board them, you find moguls hiding beneath.  Not fun!

Best run Riva which you can easily cane in 10 or less minutes.  Has black bits that would be blue in Europe.  Fun run but not difficult.  Generally, the double black diamonds are un-pisted narrow cliff drops.  The blacks are easy reds, and the rest is a waste of time.

If you are going to travel this far, go to a good (or excellent) hill like Whistler.  (Unless you are skier or a boarder who likes moguls!)

PS: More fur coats and the like than you can shake a dead bear at! Awful!

User rating 4 out of 10

a waste of 3 weeks and 3 grand

Thu 23 December 2004 by rude-dog

as a boarder from the UK i have only ever boarded in europe and this was my first trip out to the states to experience the amazing (so they say) snow, run, lifts etc. etc. firstly the transfer from denver was a nightmare, the security was so tight it took us 3 hours to get out of the air port... then it snowed, and i mean really snowed (i know i shouldn't complain) but the transfer to vail ended up taking nearly 5 hours which made the total journey time nearly a day!! the resort itself is full of the kind of people you dont want to share a resort with. rich american kids all wearing their boarding trousers round thier ankles, women in fur and guys who take skiing seriously, really seriously. every one we met was miserable and presumed we were australian!!?? shopping in the resort is good, but completely overpriced. although there is a burton store there that was run by some great guys who offered lots of good advice about my board, the area, where to go etc. the nightlife!!! ....awful! every one takes it all so seriously out there and after dark the place really goes dead. no good clubs and no good bars! resturants are plenty, but daylight robbery as everything else.

do you smoke? i do.. they hate it... really hate it and i was made to feel very uncomforatable smoking any where in the resort.

the mountain is nothing special compared to some of europe's top resorts. the front side is just like any other mountain with a load of top to bottom runs and the back bowls look great but once again are nothing special. the park is good offering some big hits and some demon (advanced) rails and theres also a pratice park with some tamer stuff for the wanna be freestylers amoung you which was yet another waste of space. although the lift system seemed pretty good and lines were never long.

whilst there we also visited the neighbouring reasort of bever creek which you can bus it to in ten mins. women in fur coats and men dressed like they were hunting for grizzlys. pathetic mountain and facilities... say no mre

they only one good thing about the stay was the weather... it was perfect. snowing all night and high sun all day. unreal

overall... lets say, for your money... dont bother. the money i spent i could seen me a few months in europe

User rating 6 out of 10

Yuck.....furcoats and the worst sort of Americans

Tue 24 February 2004 by frankieboards

If this review manages to convince every rider to leave Vail out of their travel plans, I'd die a happy man. This place is hell on earth. Let's start with the terrain. Like walking? The you've come to the right resort. In what seems a calculated move to piss off boarders, there is flat stuff everywhere. Get to the top of the Wildwoods and Northwood Express lifts and you're on a plateau, where you have to hike to get on any run. Some of the flats are so long that they've even installed drag lifts! The Vail PR machine goes on about the damn Legendary Back Bowls. Back Bowels more like. Just hude meadow lands with moderate gradients designed to flatter the egos of the moron skiers who like to kid themselves that this is actually challenging terrain. My back garden is more frightening. The only area worth real exploration is Blue Sky Basin, and then only with a good snowfall. Moving on to the village itself. You can only laugh at the gros stupidty and lack of taste of the average yank, with their mock "Swiss" village numbering 3 fur coat shops (although the fur muff warmer did look kinda interesting for the ladieeez), 1500 art galleries and nowhere to get a coffee, or at least not without an authentic French Patisserie for which you will end up paying a weeks wages. No one said Vail was ever cheap, but they take the piss. The only bright spot in the Vail is the bus station. It takes you away from that monstrous place and the wankers that inhabit it. Leave this one well alone.