Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Vail

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Resort life

If you reckon that Vail is just about the slopes, think again as there are heaps of things going on with an amazing amount of great local services. The area is huge, so use of the free shuttle bus may be necessary depending on where you base yourself.  Recently, merchants & restaurant owners have taken a much-needed approach to offering lower priced options for visitors, including apres, dinner & drink specials.  Do your homework before making a choice and you will save much more $$ than you thought.  Locals know exactly what to do to make your stay a good one. They offer a high level of service whether you're buying a burger or checking in to a hotel.


Eating in the resort or around the main area may destroy your bank balance or father's credit card if you don't choose carefully. Some prices are silly, but there are plenty of semi-affordable, fast-food joints to check out. To tickle your taste buds, why not check out Pazzo's, which serves a good helping of cheap pasta or where you can have a 'do it yourself pizza'. The Red Lion also features good, cheap burgers, sandwhiches & fries in one of the most convenient, frequently visited village locations (On Bridge Street, in the heart of all the action).


Night-life, as you'd hope, is extremely good. The offerings are excellent, with good bars and okay places to boogie well into the early hours. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN find cheap drink specials in the heart of the village. Two frequented stops this season included Fubar and 8150, which both featured a $10(US $) all-you-can-drink special on Sunday & Monday nights (we hope to see the return of this unbelievable deal in the 04/05 season).  You can also checkout the many apres specials, which include $3 beers and discounted appetizers.


Accommodation consists of a selection of some 30,000 visitor beds and providing you don't mind not being slopeside, you will find affordable lodging. Many opt to stay out in one of the nearby villages with cheaper housing and on average, only a 20 minute 'commute' to the slope. Check Vails web site for a full listing of accommodation.  READ NEXT: Mountain statistics