Your views on Grand Targhee

User rating 9 out of 10

Empty and Chill!

Thu 8 September 2005 by Ben8

Targhee is usually cloudy because its right under the grand teton and that attracts clouds, but if you know what youre getting into going there youre looking for some ill tree runs that youll be plowing first thru. Everytime i went, regardless of storms, i always got mine somewhere. their hilking is perfect because you dont have to hike very far to get a good run, marys nipple i think it was called was fun. if you have skins and get down like that then there is the whole backside, and if you have money they have cat skiing. the gee has enough stuff fresh tho i felt to keep someone occupied multiple trips.

its always chiller than jackson but jackson has more scattered gnar- not to say targee is gnarless or anything because if you want it you can get it there, i would just say overall its a chiller place.

User rating 9 out of 10

Powder Everywhere!

Mon 20 December 2004 by Kev4

I had one of the best days riding I've ever had at Targhee (back in 99). The conditions were just perfect. There was powder everywhere! The place was amazing, the people were friendly too. Not too many people at this small resort either. It was cheap and only a short drive from Jackson. If you ride back down where the snowcats have earlier been up, you can hit every little lip and kicker on the way - ace! Well worth a visit.