Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Sun Peaks


Freeriders looking for long, wide straights with trees galore will find this mountain ideal, and it should keep you well occupied for a week or more. Take the long Burfield Quad to the top and you can gain access to some great terrain. If you plan to go outside the marked boundary, you are required to register with the ski patrol.

For some cool riding inbounds, Head Wall is the place to bust a gut, with a series of short but demanding double-diamond blacks.

For something a little less daunting, try out the long and sweeping 5-mile trail off the Ridge, which can even be tackled by intermediate riders.


Freestylers have a massive 30-acre funpark area located off the Sunrise chair, which is loaded with hits and a pipe. Around the slopes you also find numerous natural hits to launch off.


Sun Peaks appeals to carvers and fast riders in a big way; some of the runs here are superb, and just right for laying the board over an edge at speed. If you have the balls, try the steep Expo; if not, try your luck down Spillway.


Beginners who don't appreciate the novice slopes here or manage to progress with style should give up snowboarding and take up train spotting. This is an excellent beginner's resort with some perfect novice tracks off Sundance.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife