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in Sapporo Bankei

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Resort life

The service town here is not a 'town'; it's a full-on city and Bankei is right on the doorstep. Talk about convenience, you have everything a population of 2 million can offer all within 15minutes drive. Check out the Sapporo City gateway article for more information on accommodation and nightlife.


Eating options on the slopes are limited to a café at the resort's base. The prices are standard for Hokkaido, as is the menu. There is also a great BBQ-style restaurant located adjacent to the base area, known as "Gams". They have tasty homemade sausages and offer an all-you-can-eat Lamb deal for ¥1,000. It's a quirky little place known for its electric train that brings your food and drinks - good for a few laughs.  READ NEXT: Mountain statistics