Your views on The Remarkables

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Great all round resort for NZ

Thu 15 August 2013 by Natura

My experience was different from the last poster, just coming back from a week long trip(Aug 13) checking out the various NZ peaks(Remarks, Cadrona, treble cone) i'd have to say Remarkables is probably the best place for a beginner to start in NZ.

I travelled with a group of friends from beginners to intermediates, myself and intermediate, and I'd have to say, Remarkables was the only area that our beginner friends felt comfortable learning on.

They have 2 dedicated bunny slope areas with conveyors for the absolute beginner, and when they were keen a gentle but very wide Alto chair green run to try.

They could do a longer run by hopping on to sugar bowl lift for a longer connecting run but that was quite a narrow run and was quite challenging in some areas.

For rocks, there weren't too many that we found, riding blues and a few blacks, more to be found if you started getting off piste, which I did once, but that could be due to the pretty good dump we had during the times we went.

Park facilities was great as well, with a dedicated small/medium parks and big parks to practice on for you jib/jump junkies. Only issue was that the initial run into the small park was quite steep when compared to Cadrona's small park, so you built up quite a bit of speed quickly, so commitment was key. So for beginner park riders, Cadrona's was probably better set up with a gentler introduction to park.

What i liked about remarkables is that its probably the most well rounded peak in terms of difficulty levels for the peaks that i travelled (Cadrona/Treble/Remarkables). There were skinny runs, bomb runs, and was pretty snowboard friendly. Only thing i found was missing, was not many natural hits and areas to do a little all mountain tricks/buttering on when compared to the other resorts.

User rating 6 out of 10

Not with your own board

Tue 18 January 2005 by Butchie

The Remarks can be alot of fun to ride but they take a serious toll on your board. If the snow isn't deep enough (they need a ton of cover) there are alot of sharp rocks peaking through. If you pick up any speed you'll never see them in time. It's also not the place for good beginners or intermidiates because most of the slopes are either pretty challenging or too flat. Any where in NZ has a great vibe and boarders attitude especially in the Queenstown area (the Remarks and Coronet) and the town itself is fabulous for 20+ year-old riders with a great nightlife and cheap accomodation at any backpackers.