Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Narvik


Freeriders should get the most out of this area. Much of the riding terrain is above the tree-line, but the lack of tree runs is fully compensated by plenty of natural pipes, bowls, cornices and cliffs to fly off. For fat lazy riders or those who prefer not to exhaust themselves with hiking, you'll be able to have a good blast within the lift covered area. The area known as Fagernesfjellet is a paradise for relatively advanced freeriders. The lifts only cover a small percentage of actual terrain available and as heli-boarding is forbidden in Norway, heaven is waiting if you're prepared to hike. There are no rules regarding where you can board, but before you take off, it's advisable to hook up with one of the locals who will show you the secret spots. In addition to Morkolla, with its enormous amount of snow, Narvik's backcountry offers wicked extreme terrain.


Freestylers don't have a fun park, although one is planned for the future. There is, however, plenty of good natural terrain for getting air and the flat stuff allows for loads of ground spinning.


Carvers should check out the pistes of Fagernesfjellet which are steep, wavy and well suited to carvers. Mind you, hard booters are a rare thing here and to be honest, this place is far better challenged in a good pair of softs.


Beginners will probably have a better time in Ankernes, a resort which is 3 miles away, rather than the main slopes of Narvik.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife