Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Volen and Stepanovo

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There is a Swiss, Italian, and Japanese restaurants, but the average 650 R ($25) for a meal is quite expensive, a weekend brunch is for 1400 R ($50) per person. Pizzeria Trattoria has lower prices: from 300 R ($12) to 400 R ($15) for a meal.


The park has quite a lot of facilities and is actually supposed to look like a small Alpine village. You'll find a rest area there, a few shops, restaurants and cafes, toilets, sauna, snowboard and ski hire and service, as well as a hotel. Overall, it is a very comfortable place -- you even have the music while riding, but the radio they put on is a bit cheesy. At times, there are as many snowboarders as skiers, so it's quite a snowboard-friendly place. If you want to hang out with some snowboarders look at the bottom of the 10, 11 and 12 runs, as they are usually practicing their skills around there. The bars are not really worth visiting, however, if you need a break or a beer, there are two of them on top of the hills, and there's a silly disco every night from 10pm.


There is one hotel and a few houses for rent. The accommodation is really nice, but expensive ranging from 2000 R ($70) to 3400 R ($120) per night, every additional person pays 750-1400 R ($30-$50) per night. If you want to book accommodation, you can contact Volen or just show up -- the accommodation is usually available, except if there's a holiday.

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